Microsoft Wins The Ugliest Christmas Sweater Title Again, And It’s For Sale

Microsoft Windows 2022 Ugly Sweater is themed Clippy, the paperclip-shaped office assistant. The outfit is in such questionable taste that it’s hard to find anything worse on the internet. That said, Microsoft is selling it for a good cause.

Credit: Gear Xbox

When we say that Microsoft is diversifying. It is now a telephone operator in France, the company is launching into fashion. For five years, in fact, Microsoft has persisted in creating the ugliest sweatshirts possible for the holiday season. What started as a little joke on Twitter has become a well-established tradition. As we know, Microsoft wants to reduce players’ energy consumption, and what could be better than a good sweater to lower the heating bill? The Redmond firm doesn’t just rack its brains to come up with the most ridiculous-looking garment possible, it dares to sell it too.

Microsoft’s hilarious tradition of the ugly Christmas sweater was born in 2017. The company’s social media team then had created a fake Windows 95 jumper and shared the image on Twitter. The success is immediate, the users of the platform begging Microsoft to market this article. Since then, the creatives of Redmond come out a very very naughty sweater every year, and sell it for a good cause. This year, all proceeds will go to College Success Foundation, a Washington-based NGO dedicated to helping students from underprivileged backgrounds.

Microsoft has been releasing a Windows-themed Christmas sweater every year for the past five years

Microsoft’s ugly sweater 2022 features Clippy, the anthropomorphic paperclip that helped Microsoft Office users. While its usefulness cannot be disputed, it must be admitted that Clippy, even in the 90s, was not a success in terms of design. It almost rose from its ashes in Teams in 2019, but someone at Microsoft had the good taste to prevent this too anachronistic return.

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Ugly Christmas sweaters are a well-established American institution. If Microsoft is not the only company to sell it, it is the one that publishes the most hideous. This may be due to the very nature of Microsoft Office, which is now called Office 365, the product it promotes. If this software suite is extremely advanced and functional, it represents the most boring and austere in terms of user interface. If you want to get Microsoft’s Clippy sweater, go to the American Xbox store (they deliver to France), and pay €73.95. By ordering it now, you should receive it before Christmas.

Source: Gear Xbox

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