Microsoft will sell Surface parts in 2023

Microsoft will sell spare parts for its Surface products in 2023, another step in the right direction for the right to repair.

Microsoft has never been cautious about improving the repairability of its Surface devices and the Redmond company will soon be selling spare parts. In a press release sent to iFixit, the American giant explains that it is preparing a “global availability” of parts for individuals and independent repairers during the first half of 2023 Complete repair guides for the Surface Pro 9 will also arrive before the end of this year. A larger repair network will also arrive early next year with the help of a “major US dealer”.

Microsoft will sell parts of its Surface products in 2023

This view on repair is reflected in the company’s latest designs. Microsoft explains that repairability was an “important aspect” when designing the Surface Pro 9 and iFixit confirmed this by properly disassembling the Windows 2-in-1 tablet. Accessible SSD is just the beginning. The battery is screwed rather than glued and the screen is easier to remove when you open the beast. It’s the “most repairable” Surface to date, according to iFixit, which is a stark contrast to previous generations that were very difficult to repair.

Another step in the right direction for the right to repair

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has stepped into the home repair field. The Surface Laptop 3 was easier to open, and even the slimline Surface Pro X had a user-replaceable SSD. iFixit also warns that it cannot fully assess the repairability of the Surface Pro 9 until manuals and spare parts are available. The RAM is also soldered down, although this allows for higher performance and better power management. So it’s a big step forward, but it’s far from over.

As with Apple, Google, Samsung and others, Microsoft isn’t doing this out of kindness. The tech industry is currently under strong pressure from governments to improve repairability, including through the “Right to Repair” law which requires that parts, documents and diagnostics be accessible to customers. If Microsoft had not improved the repairability of its Surface range, there is no doubt that the giant would have been slapped on the fingers by the competent authorities.

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