Microsoft will modify its licensing agreements to be more fair play

Microsoft announced changes to the license agreements for its Azure cloud service on August 29, 2022. They follow complaints from its European competitors, including French ones like OVHcloud, for anti-competitive practices with regulators. The European Commission is officially investigating the matter.

Three objectives are put forward: for customers, to facilitate the transfer of data to the infrastructure of other suppliers, to allow other suppliers to access key products (for example Windows or Office) so that they can offer competitive offers from both a technical and financial point of view, and help these “partners” to design cloud hosting offers quickly and at scale.

Microsoft does not further detail the specific measures it intends to take, but indicates that they will come into effect from October 1, 2022. It is also notable that they will apply to all regions in which the company operates. and not only to the European Union. However, they are reserved for “small suppliers” and the real rivals of Microsoft (Amazon, Google, Alibaba…) are therefore excluded.

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