Microsoft will also raise the price of its games in 2023

Phil Spencer never said never and it was expected that a price increase would come somewhere at Microsoft some day. Fortunately, so far there is no talk of an increase in the price of Xbox Game Pass (not yet) or any of the Xbox series, but only the first party game from the manufacturer. IGN confirms this to us today with some statements from an Xbox spokesperson stating that exclusive games produced by Xbox Game Studios will be slightly more expensive in 2023.

Xbox games are priced in line with PlayStation games

Like Sony with its games from PlayStation Studios, Microsoft will raise the base price of internally developed Xbox games. They will thus go from $59.99 to $69.99 from 2023, in other words, in Europe, if the increase is confirmed here, it will certainly rise to €80 (inflation, this amazing system). A new price is justified as follows:

This price reflects the content, scope and technical complexity of these titles. As with all games developed by our teams on Xbox, they will also be available in Game Pass on the day they launch. »

So this will only affect games from Xbox Game Studios and the first securities to be affected by this increase will therefore be Forza Motorsport, red falland Starfield.

If you needed another reason to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass instead of paying full price for your games, here it is. We now await confirmation for the rest of the world, while we wonder if it is not a first increase before the subscription and consoles suffer the same fate.

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