Microsoft was wrong, its Surface Pro 8 is displayed at a crazy price

For ten years, Microsoft has almost had a monopoly on the segment of hybrid PCs. Its latest Surface Pro 8 is a great product for both home and business use. This is the tablet that definitely brings together a computer and a more traditional tablet in a single product. You can thus avoid buying two products and make only one.

Above all, the value for money of this product is very good. Sure, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 is more expensive than a normal tablet (but cheaper than an iPad Pro) but it’s cheaper than a computer. For Black Friday, Amazon is making its price incredible thanks to an immediate discount at the top: the 128 GB model in Platinum color drops to 849 euros instead of 1179 euros.

I take advantage of the offer on the Surface

In the photo above, you can see the full version of this Microsoft Surface Pro 8. Please note, by default, this model only comes with the tablet. You can then additionally add a stylus and keyboard. Moreover, an offer that combines the tablet with the keyboard is also available on Amazon. You are free to buy these accessories to transform it into a more traditional computer.

A tablet with laptop performance

Often, we hear people say that their tablet could “almost” replace their computer. In fact, some points are missing: power, compatibility with office tools, connectivity, etc. It all comes together in Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8, making this tablet a “real” computer. Microsoft also boasts of having a product that combines the flexibility of a tablet with the power of a computer.

This is exactly what it offers, and the competition is absent from this segment. Even Apple with its iPad Pro does not offer such a solution: it remains a real tablet with the classic limitations. The Surface Pro 8, which also runs on Windows like conventional laptops, responds to all these shortcomings very effectively.

First, we like its 13-inch IPS touch screen which is reminiscent of that of a conventional computer. Small subtlety of this tablet, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 also comes with a multi-position foot that allows you to raise the inclination of the tablet more or less. It’s very convenient whether you want to watch a movie upright on public transport or for work. Note that it benefits from a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which ensures extreme fluidity (including with the stylus).

Under the hood, there is a powerful processor from Intel generation 11. Coupled with Windows 11, it offers all the power of a laptop in a touch pad. This also allows you to use the Microsoft Office office suite with software such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint. Everything is simple, like on a computer, except that it can be transported everywhere. Autonomy is also excellent: 16 hours, knowing that it ensures fast recharging.

I take advantage of the offer on the Surface

For the connectivity part, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is also brilliant. It has connectivity that no tablet has on the market, without a doubt. However, it remains fine and pleasant. There are two USB-C and Thunderbolt 4 ports, a dedicated Surface Connect magnetic charging port, a 3.5mm jack and also connection with Wi-Fi 6.

If the Surface Pro 8 like all the other tablets is not designed to be the queen of photography, it is still much better than the competition in this segment. Above all, there is a 5 MP front camera that films in 1080p, which is practical for video conferencing. At the rear, the 10 MP camera is capable of filming in 4K and taking very good shots.

Amazon rang Microsoft

One thing is certain: this Microsoft tablet for less than 900 euros is a real nugget. It’s a product that doesn’t need to be on a discount to sell very well. Normally, we never see it go below 1,000 euros, so it’s a real nice surprise during this Black Friday. Amazon is also the only one able to make discounts on the bare tablet.

There are several advantages to buying a Surface Pro 8 from Microsoft on this merchant site. First of all, it guarantees you the best price for the duration of its Black Friday, from November 18 to 28. Even if this hybrid tablet were to see its price drop even further in the coming days, Amazon is committed to refunding you the difference compared to the price you paid today.

Then it also lets you return that Microsoft Surface Pro 8 much later than Christmas. While most e-merchants in France limit themselves to the usual 14-day right of withdrawal, Amazon goes further and allows them to be returned after Christmas. In this way, if you offer this touch pad at Christmas and it does not please, you can always send it back and get a refund. This saves you from taking a financial risk and having to resell it later on eBay.

Since the beginning of Black Friday 48 hours ago, Amazon has been stormed on all flagship products. The Surface Pro 8 is one of them, and there was a keyboard bundle that has since sold out. That said, this formula which includes the tablet alone is already excellent and we strongly recommend it. At this price, you can take advantage of the bare tablet to experience this high-end service.

To buy the Surface Pro 8, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer on the Surface

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