Microsoft wants to reduce the energy consumption of gamers

Microsoft is currently offering a survey to its Insider members that seems to point in a very specific direction: energy conservation. While the question is on everyone’s lips as winter approaches, the Redmond firm could be working on new ways to reduce its in-game consumption.

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At the moment, the trend is towards energy saving. This is not surprising, following the government’s repeated announcements concerning the increase in electricity prices and the supply problems that await us this winter, which could have a very pronounced impact on our daily lives. Also, the manufacturers are going there each in their own way to promote this famous energy sobriety, like Google which now offers new menus that consume less resources in Chrome.

The players, meanwhile, will obviously not escape the phenomenon. Gaming is undoubtedly a particularly energy-intensive hobby – just look at the consumption of the latest Nvidia graphics cards – and manufacturers are well aware of this. Especially Microsoft, which now seems to be seriously considering the subject. As proof of this, a recent survey launched by the firm among members of its Insider program. Inside, there are several questions aimed at taking the temperature on the issue of energy savings.

Microsoft wants to know what you think of in-game energy savings

Microsoft thus asks its users for their feelings about the issue of energy saving, in particular about the consequences of the current situation on their purchasing power. Interestingly, the firm also asks how would be received new features aimed at reducing in-game consumption, in particular the possibility of reducing its framerate or the definition of the screen.

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Of course, we are still far from the arrival of such features on our Xboxes and PCs. Microsoft only seems to be testing the waters for the time being, and we could wait months before seeing any real news on the subject. It should be noted, however, that efforts have already been made in this area, in particular with the Energy saving mode available since September on Xbox Series X and S.

Source: Windows Central

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