Microsoft wants to launch cheap but advert-ridden laptops

― guteksk7 /

Microsoft is obviously going through a tough time. Although its turnover is increasing, some of its products are selling much less today. To boost its sales, the firm would consider offering inexpensive computers connected to the Cloud and financed by advertisements.

Several Internet users have recently spotted a job offer on the Microsoft. The Redmond firm is notably looking for a senior director of software engineering to lead a team in charge of exploring web and cloud experiences in Windows. Before being taken down, the ad stated that this team should produce ” from low-cost PCs to revenue generated by advertising and subscriptions “.

This is not a big surprise for Internet users. Satya Nadella, the boss of Microsoft, had already mentioned such a project at the last conference on the company’s balance sheet. In addition, this is not the first time that the Redmond firm has exploited advertisements. Indeed, Microsoft’s web browser already contains ads, not to mention that it now takes care of ads for Netflix’s first ad-supported subscription tier.

Microsoft seems to want to integrate advertisements into all of its products. However, this is likely to displease a large part of its customers. What do you think ?

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