Microsoft wants to invest more in OpenAI

In recent days, Microsoft has approached OpenAI, a company specializing in artificial intelligence and known for offering a large number of AI models in open access and / or open source. If for the moment, no agreement has been concluded, the two companies are in full discussion so that Microsoft can once again invest in OpenAI.

Microsoft relies on OpenAI to integrate AI into its products and services

Founded in 2015 by Elon Musk and Sam Altman in particular, OpenAI would be evaluated, according to The Information and The Wall Street Journal, at over $20 billion. Even if the firm is far from wanting to be bought out, this does not prevent several technological players from approaching it, for various reasons.

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In 2019, Microsoft had invested nearly $1 billion in an effort to develop new AI-based technologies. In return, Microsoft with Azure became OpenAI’s exclusive cloud provider. A few months later, a new supercomputer built exclusively for OpenAI sees the light of day and in parallel, the Californian firm obtains the exclusivity of GPT-3, one of the most complete language models in the world with 175 billion parameters.

Thanks to this, Microsoft allows its users to have access to a tool to code in natural language, and facilitates access to this model to develop low-code applications on Azure with OpenAI APIs. Later, in 2021, the tech giant even announced that it had designed an NLP model that was more efficient than GPT-3 in collaboration with NVIDIA.

OpenAI is a hit with DALL-E 2, which interests Microsoft

For its part, OpenAI has been talked about recently with DALL-E 2, an AI model allowing users, using a textual description, to enlarge an image provided beforehand. If this tool was open in beta, the company removed the waitlist, allowing anyone to sign up. Today, nearly 2 million people use this technology.

In a blog post, Liat Ben-Zur, one of Microsoft’s vice presidents, rightly highlighted the work of OpenAI. ” The rollout of DALL∙E 2 across Microsoft products and services reflects how the company’s investment in AI research is helping to thoughtfully infuse AI into everything it builds, produces, and provides to help everyone drive productivity and innovation “.

Note that Google with Alphabet or even Microsoft have also developed image generators using text. The latter, which is seeking more than ever to integrate AI into its range of products and services, has therefore started negotiations in recent weeks with OpenAI. For the time being, no amount has leaked and it is possible that the sum invested by the firm of Satya Nadella could evolve according to the expectations of both parties.

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