Microsoft throws Office into oblivion

Office becomes Microsoft 365. That’s what Microsoft is announcing today for what will essentially be a rebranding. This is not a big surprise since it was no longer necessary to say Office 365. For two years now, the productivity solution with the group’s subscription has been Microsoft 365.

The deployment will be gradual and will begin from next November for The changes will then roll out to the Office app on Windows and the Office mobile app (Android and iOS) in January 2023.

Such a change obviously does not mean the disappearance of Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and other applications that have been added more recently. Reference will simply no longer be made to Microsoft Office applications, but to Microsoft 365 apps.

To show versatility and modernity

Microsoft nevertheless takes the opportunity to slip in some new features with the central Microsoft 365 application, both on computer and mobile. For example, a Feed with the presentation of the files shared by the people who collaborate.

The Module Apps interface will be revamped for access to any Microsoft 365 app and associated third-party apps. Tagging will further allow users to organize their work regardless of where files are stored.


Overall, the rebranding is also a way for Microsoft to show that there have been many additions with new possibilities offered that go beyond the basic Office applications… it’s Microsoft 365.

The end of old versions of Microsoft Office?

When new features are subsequently announced, they will be integrated into Microsoft 365 and not Microsoft Office. However, Microsoft specifies in an FAQ that the single purchase option will use the old Microsoft Office brand.

We will continue to offer one-time app purchases to individuals and businesses through the Office 2021 and Office LTSC plans. “Plans that are in line with the latest perpetual version of Microsoft’s productivity solution.


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