Microsoft thinks it knows when GTA 6 will be released and it’s coming soon

When will GTA 6 be released? A question that has agitated the Internet for years and still has no answer. Microsoft believes it knows this, however, since the Redmond firm indicates in an official document that it is expecting Rockstar’s next baby for 2024.

GTA 5 on PS5

Will we ever play GTA 6? The next installment of Rockstar’s license has been waiting for ten years now, but it will eventually come out… the trick is to know when. Microsoft thinks it has the answer: it would be for 2024.

The Redmond firm has writes this date in black and white on an official document. Hard to say if she has info that no one else has or if this is an estimate (even if it is the most plausible). In any case, it revives hope among fans who are no longer waiting for this new episode.

Microsoft discusses the release of GTA 6 in its pitch against Sony

It was in the context of the takeover of Activison-Blizzard that the release date of the game from Rockstar was mentioned. Microsoft must indeed go before the various competition authorities in order to have the transaction validated. Sony seized the opportunity on the fly to challenge the deal.

The Japanese company argues that the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft would deprive it of Call of Duty, one of the strong licenses that sells PlayStations. A significant financial windfall. Microsoft responded to this complaint, stating that Sony could count on many more juicy licenses in the future, like FIFA, Destiny, Battlefield or even GTA. For the latter, the American company does not hesitate to drop the date of 2024 for a possible release.

This is enough to attract the attention of players. 2024 is coming soon, and especially earlier than other dates considered in the past. Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, for example, mentioned an arrival in 2025 at the earliest. We can turn the problem around, it will be Rockstar who will have the last word.

GTA 6 is hands down the most anticipated game on the planet. A few months ago, a hacker posted videos of the title on the net, revealing many gameplay sequences. We saw a game still rough, but in a fairly advanced phase of its development. If a release is indeed planned for 2024, an announcement could be made very soon…

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