Microsoft Teases Game Pass Title With Word-Puzzle, And Fans Think They’ve Got It

Microsoft is apparently teasing the next version of Xbox Game Pass, and fans think it could be Lego Star Wars. Microsoft has released a cryptic teaser asking fans to guess what the title might be.

The game’s title is made up of three four-letter words, and many believe it to be Lego Star Wars, given the clues Microsoft has released so far. The replies to the tweet are a delight, with people taking advantage of the situation to make jokes about what the game could be like. People guessed things like “Metal Gear Sald”, “Yeet Your Bags”, “Lets Go Babe” and “Peel Your Yams,” but we’re not sure if those are actually games. Either way, you can scroll through the answers for a good laugh.

Tom Warren of The Verge was among the first to guess it would be Lego Star Wars, and the official Lego Twitter account reacted to Warren’s tweet with a silly gif. This doesn’t absolutely confirm that Lego Star Wars is coming to Game Pass, but it does suggest it.

Lego Star Wars would be a big plus for Game Pass, as it’s a very fun franchise that the whole family will enjoy – which is the kind of content Microsoft is likely wanting with the upcoming holidays. But what Lego Star Wars game could come to Xbox Game Pass? There are a lot of them, but the newest entry, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, would be a pretty good treat if it came to Game Pass.

Or maybe everyone has been wrong so far and Microsoft will release a different game. We should find out soon, so keep checking back for more.

As for the titles, we to know are coming to Game Pass, new additions to the catalog, The Walking Dead: The Final Season and Totally Reliable Delivery Service release today, December 1. Microsoft will surely announce more Game Pass additions soon, so check back soon.

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