Microsoft Teams offers a sign language view

Microsoft has just unveiled a new accessibility-related feature for its Microsoft Teams video conferencing application. Indeed, the latter – which is now available – allows you to have a view dedicated to sign language.

More accessible remote meetings!

Thus the Redmond firm intends to help deaf/hard of hearing people, interpreters and other people who use sign language. For this, a dedicated view will allow you to prioritize up to two other videos of the participants so that they remain visible – whatever happens – and come position in a consistent place throughout the meeting.

As with every new feature addition, Microsoft insists on preparatory work, testing, and user feedback/requests. Thus, this option is presented as a first step before other accessibility-focused changes.

Among these, it will be a question ofintegrate the video streams of performers and other signatories to be always readable and fluid. It is also a matter of ensuring that these are of the appropriate shape and size in order to be visible, to have up to two other signatories throughout each meeting, and simplify meeting configurations -like pinning interpreters and turning on captions at the start of each meeting.

Microsoft Teams offers a sign language view

For this, when the sign language view is activated, the hierarchical video streams appear automatically respecting the ratios and the quality of the stream. This parameter can be activated or not, and will have no impact on what other participants see (who do not activate it). In addition, this view can be activated on the fly during each meeting or visible all the time. Finally, note that for the sake of clarity, the video streams of the designated persons remain visible in the center of the stage as long as their video is activated.

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