Microsoft Supply Chain Platform, the antidote to supply chain disruptions

The software implemented by Microsoft will facilitate the monitoring and coordination of supply chain systems with the advantage of taking into account data from Oracle and SAP. This approach will allow companies to optimize their investments with the support of artificial intelligence, low code or even collaboration.

Microsoft tackles supply chain issues head-on

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused huge losses to businesses due to global supply disruptions. Most of them have seen their production capacity decrease due to delays and shortages of food products, semiconductors and many other fundamental components. Moreover, the change in consumer behavior, the war in Ukraine and bad weather, do not seem to help matters.

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It is in this difficult context that Microsoft has launched two new services: Microsoft Supply Chain Platform and Microsoft Supply Chain Center. On its website, the firm presented the first tool as a supplier of building blocks suitable for Dynamics 365, Azure, Power Platform and Azure. It offers customers the ability to create thousands of connectors, powered by Dataverse, to gain visibility across the entire supply chain. With Microsoft Supply Chain Platform, they will have tools and processors at their fingertips that can provide deeper insights and can integrate their supply chain data and applications.

Companies are faced with petabytes of data spread across legacy systems, ERPs, supply chain management, and point solutions, resulting in a fragmented view of the supply chain. Supply chain agility and resilience are directly tied to how organizations connect and orchestrate their data across all relevant systems. Microsoft Supply Chain Platform and Supply Chain Center enable organizations to make the most of their existing investments to gain insight and act quickly says Charles Lamanna, vice president of Microsoft Business Applications and Platform.

Microsoft Supply Chain Center, a centralized view of information

Offered as a preview, this second tool attached to Microsoft Supply Chain Platform aims to harmonize data from the supply chain to the manager. Not only does this new device provide visibility across all systems, it also comes with several features such as the order management module. To better fulfill orders and orchestrate them automatically, Microsoft has provided the Supply Chain Center with a system that incorporates rules governing real-time inventory data for omnichannel availability. Thus, companies will save time in processing large orders and will encounter less difficulty in performing related tasks.

Increasingly concerned with supply chain issues, Microsoft recently announced the launch of two new tools: Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights. Admittedly, Covid-19 has undermined corporate finance, but at the same time it has also accelerated technological innovations.

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