Microsoft Says Stop Mining Bitcoin and Other Cryptos!

News JVTech Microsoft Says Stop Mining Bitcoin and Other Cryptos!

While the mining industry is being targeted by several institutions, one reputable company is adding further pressure to cryptocurrency miners. For the past two weeks, Microsoft has categorically banned some of these users from mining Bitcoin and other proof-of-work cryptocurrencies.

No more bitcoin mining at Microsoft

The multinational has just announced restrictive measures for certain cryptominers through the update of its general conditions of use. Effective since December 1, 2022, a new mode has shaken up the habits of several cryptocurrency miners who use Microsoft’s online services.

Of course, this new rule does not apply to the Windows operating system, but to users of Microsoft’s cloud platforms. In fact, as reported by the media “The Register”, they are no longer authorized to mine cryptocurrencies that require computing power on the company’s cloud services.

Precisely, all the virtual currencies affected by this latest measure are those based on proof-of-work networks – that is, Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies whose operation is based on the use of power, to mine the blocks.

Thus, users, including those who pay a subscription, will have to decide to stop this type of activity on the Azure cloud, an online cloud computing service from Microsoft. However, there is still hope for some cryptocurrency miners. Indeed, the multinational explains that users with an authorization issued by Microsoft will be able to continue their crypto mining activities.

“Neither Customer nor those accessing an Online Service through Customer may use an Online Service to mine cryptocurrency without Microsoft’s prior written approval,” Microsoft says in its user terms.

A well-defined opinion about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

For Microsoft, the initiative confirms that this new measure was necessary to protect users. According to the American multinational, cryptocurrencies are generally associated with fraud and fraudulent activities:

“Cryptocurrency mining can often be associated with cyber fraud and abuse such as unauthorized access and use of customer resources. We made this change to further protect our customers and reduce the risk of disruption or degradation of Microsoft Cloud services,” Microsoft adds in a Press release.

This new condition is not surprising, as several of its competitors have already banned this kind of practice on their online services. Indeed, beyond Microsoft’s justifications regarding fraud or possible fraud, mining above all consumes a lot of resources. Therefore, the equipment is often put to the test, and the electricity bills quickly become exorbitant for the service providers.

In this logic, big names like Google or Amazon have banned users from this kind of practice to prevent infrastructures dedicated to cloud computing from becoming real replacement mining farms.

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