Microsoft reportedly refused Sony to offer PlayStation Plus on Xbox

Sony would have liked to offer PlayStation Plus on Xbox, but Microsoft would have strongly opposed it. One more proof of the hegemonic will of the Redmond firm?

Sony tells the English press that it wanted to offer PlayStation Plus, its streaming game service, on Xbox. Microsoft would have refused to offer this competing service on its game console. For the Japanese company, it is a proof of the anti-competitive behavior of the Redmond firm. In retaliation, Sony does not allow Game Pass on the PlayStation. The squabble between the two video game giants is not likely to have a peaceful outcome.

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The merger-acquisition of Activision-Blizzard and Microsoft seems very badly embarked. In the eyes of regulators, the risk of creating a monopoly in the world of video games is far too great. The latest statement from Sony, which sees itself as the main victim of such a transaction, sheds light on the fears that animate Sony.

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Sony states that “Microsoft argues that the request for multi-game subscription services would not favor Game Pass because Microsoft would also make Game Pass available on PlayStation. […] Microsoft’s position that the availability of Game Pass on PlayStation would be a panacea for the harm caused by this transaction rings particularly hollow given that Microsoft does not allow PlayStation Plus to be available on Xbox “.

In other words, Microsoft would like to make its exclusive games available to PlayStation owners, but would not allow Xbox owners to play PlayStation exclusives on their console. In this business of big money, it becomes difficult to disentangle the arguments which hold of the pure bad faith and which holds of a coherent commercial reasoning. Microsoft and Sony both have converging interests. This war is all the more difficult to understand as it is rumored that Sony plans to convert 50% of the titles in its catalog to mobile platforms and PC. In this context, his policy is even less comprehensible.

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