Microsoft recommends disabling two options for in-game performance

The company has published a technical note to draw the attention of gamers: if they want to obtain the maximum performance, it may be necessary to go through the deactivation of two options.

The first is called Core Isolation and is a security mechanism. The feature is responsible for checking the integrity of high-security processes and monitoring for anything that might look like malicious code injection.

To disable it, open the Windows Security panel (from its small icon to the right of the taskbar), then go to Device Security > Kernel Isolation > Details. But as you will have understood, disabling this function affects the general level of protection of the machine.

The other option that can be cut is the Virtual Machine Platform (VMP). Press the Windows key to open the Start menu and write “ windows features “. There should only be one result, “ Enable or disable Windows features and then just hit enter. Go down the list, uncheck Virtual Machine Platform and validate.

Before you remove this feature, be aware that it powers all of the system’s VM-related capabilities, including Hyper-V, WSL, and Android app compatibility.

In both cases, the machine will have to be restarted.

Although we appreciate this kind of information, Microsoft imagines a world where interested people could deactivate these options before a session to put them back afterwards. Not sure though that many are interested in four reboots. We would also have appreciated precise information on the impact of these functions on the games.


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