Microsoft recognizes that big exclusives are discreet

At Microsoft, 2022 will have been a particularly calm year in terms of big exclusives, while Sony Interactive Entertainment has drawn Horizon: Fobidden West (February 18), the remake of The Last of Us (September 2), and will undoubtedly break again mouths with God of War Ragnarök on November 9. The American manufacturer will offer Pentiment (Obsidian Entertainment) on November 15, which is too little for Phil Spencer’s taste. “One of the messages we’ve heard perfectly is that it’s been forever since we’ve released a big first party exclusive.he admitted in an interview with the YouTube channel Same Brain. We can make the excuse of COVID-19 and all kinds of other things, but in the end, people buy our consoles and want to enjoy great games.

We’re looking forward to 2023. We’ve talked about the games coming out, and things are going well. The calendar impact of COVID-19 is behind us now. If I look at the industry as a whole, over the holidays we’re going to be releasing fewer games than usual. Sure, Call of Duty is coming [il est disponible depuis la semaine dernière, ndlr], God of War Ragnarök too (which is a great thing), and Nintendo had a great year. But overall I would say it’s more ‘light’. I am already looking towards 2023, with in particular a line-up that particularly excites me. For example, I’m thinking of our first exclusives with Bethesda Softworks, namely Redfall and Starfield. It will bring a lot of fun.

Other games exclusive to Xbox consoles include the upcoming Forza Motorsport (Turn 10), State of Decay 3 (Undead Labs), Hellblade 2 (Ninja Theory), the new Fable (Playground Games), The Outer Worlds 2 (Obsidian Entertainment), Avowed (Obsidian Entertainment), Perfect Dark (The Initiative), or Everwild (Rare). In short, if Phil Spencer keeps his word, indeed, Microsoft should have things to show on the side of its first party studios next year.

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