Microsoft recalls imminent death of Windows 8.1 and urges users to upgrade to Windows 11

As Windows 8.1 lives its last hours, Microsoft wanted to remind users that it is urgent to update to a more recent version of its operating system. Of course, the Redmond firm highlights Windows 11, even going so far as to advise buying a new PC if necessary. A way like any other to inflate the adoption rate.

Despite its release more than a year ago, Windows 1 is still struggling to establish itself among the majority of users. According to recent reports, the operating system is installed on approximately 15% of PCs, which is certainly a reasonable score, but obviously not satisfactory enough for Microsoft. Luckily for the publisher, a certain deadline could help push those numbers up a bit.

Indeed, on January 10, the Redmond company will end support for Windows 8.1, after ten years of good and loyal service. The perfect opportunity for Microsoft that there is, for users who have remained on the old operating system, a ready-made alternative: Windows 11. To support its point, the manufacturer uses, rightly it must be said, the Security.

Microsoft encourages users to buy a new PC to upgrade to Windows 11

“Although you can still use a PC running Windows 8.1, without ongoing software and security updates, your PC will be more susceptible to viruses and malware”writes Microsoft on its site, before recommending “Upgrade to a version of Windows that is still supported”. Still according to the publisher, “Windows 11 is the most secure Windows ever built.”

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Of course, there is a problem. Many users still can’t upgrade to Windows 11 for hardware reasons, due to Microsoft’s minimum requirements. To this, the firm also has a solution: buy a new PC. “When you upgrade to a new PC, you’ll find many aspects of Windows that you’ll be familiar with, but also important software and hardware innovations that weren’t available a decade ago.”explains the latter.

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