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Microsoft in France is:
  • An ecosystem of 10,500 partners who represent 15% of turnover and jobs in the IT services and software sector, i.e. 80,000 jobs
  • A significant redistribution of value: for €1 of turnover achieved by Microsoft, its service provider partners achieve nearly €6
  • A wide range of digital skills training and development programs that have already reached more than 1.7 million people in France

Issy-les-Moulineaux, February 10, 2022 – On the occasion of the Microsoft France press conference, which was held this morning, Corine de Bilbao, President of Microsoft France, recalled the company’s desire to contribute to a more competitive and sustainable French economy, in an environment of trust.

In collaboration with the firm Roland Berger, Microsoft France has thus unveiled the results of an unprecedented study on its local contribution, carried by its ecosystem of partners, and at the service of a more inclusive French society.

Roland Berger was thus appointed by Microsoft France as part of a consulting service to conduct this assessment of the value creation of Microsoft’s activities in France. This assessment was carried out at the end of 2021 by Roland Berger by mobilizing various internal sources, institutional reports and by conducting a survey of players in the IT services sector and Microsoft partner software.

“Microsoft’s development cannot be envisaged without that of its customers and partners. This is why, for nearly 40 years, throughout France, we have been offering innovative solutions to create sustainable and inclusive value. Technology is an incredible vector of transformation: we want to support all organizations, whatever their size, so that they take hold of it. »

Corine de Bilbao, President Microsoft France

Measuring Microsoft’s contribution to value creation in France

After almost 40 years of presence in France, Microsoft France today unveiled the results of an unprecedented study conducted by the firm Roland Berger, aimed at measuring its contribution to the digital transformation of the economy and society of a one hand, as well as the creation of value generated with its ecosystem of partners on the other. The study is divided into 3 pillars:

  • Supporting the rise of the French IT services and software sector
    • Microsoft is a driving force in the IT services and software sector thanks to the constitution of an ecosystem of 10,500 partners which represents 15% of the sector’s turnover and jobs, i.e. a total of 80,000 jobs (figure 2020).
    • This ecosystem of partners is particularly dynamic: 94% of the partners surveyed anticipate an annual growth in their workforce of more than 3% by 2025. This job creation takes place in the territories since 56% of employees are based outside the Ile-de-France.
    • Microsoft redistributes a significant portion of the value created through partner companies to the industry. For €1 of turnover made by Microsoft, its service provider partners realize nearly €6.
    • Microsoft is an important innovation partner in the sector in France: Microsoft’s role is decisive in the ability to innovate of half of the partner companies and 1/4 of them file at least one patent thanks to its action .
  • Accelerating the digital transformation of French organizations of all sizes
      • Microsoft has been alongside companies of all sizes and in all territories for nearly 40 years: since in 2021, Microsoft was collaborating with 5-10% of VSEs, 10-30% of SMEs and 65% of companies and public organizations more than 500 employees (including 90% of CAC 40 companies) in the provision of cloud solutions.
      • Microsoft supports 15% of French Tech Next 40 start-ups and scale-ups in their growth with Azure cloud solutions through Microsoft for Start-ups. This program has supported 500 start-ups since 2018, such as Contentsquare, Younited Credit or Shift Technology.
  • Putting digital technology at the heart of societal challenges: inclusion, human capital and environmental transition
      • While the pandemic has greatly accelerated the development of teleworking, Microsoft, with Teams, provides a world-class collaborative solution that allows greater flexibility for employees and has improved the inclusiveness of this environment, now taking into account all the disabilities.
      • Microsoft provides French people with numerous training programs to improve their digital skills and their employability. Thus, these programs (My Digital SME, IA Schools, Cloud and Business Apps, Microsoft Learn, etc.) have reached at least 1,700,000 people since June 2020, in particular SME employees and people far from employment.
      • Microsoft has set itself the goal of achieving a negative carbon footprint by 2030. This ambition is reflected in numerous local initiatives such as the Environmental Start-up Accelerator at Station F launched in 2021. Microsoft is also positioned as a world leader in environmental reporting according to EcoAct.

Take concrete action in favor of economic, social and sustainable development in the territories, alongside its ecosystem

Everywhere in France, Microsoft acts in the service of a competitive and sustainable economy. Who better than its partners to testify to this? Several feedbacks were presented during the morning.

With Sodexo: a global digital transformation in the service of sustainability

Since 2018, Sodexo and Microsoft have worked closely together to develop and deploy digital solutions and services. The two companies today announced the renewal of their global partnership for 5 years. This aims to develop the use of digital solutions and data to accelerate Sodexo’s transformation, develop a personalized relationship with consumers and support new ways of consuming, living and working.

This collaboration has already enabled the implementation of several projects such as:

  • The solution SoDynamixin partnership with Accenture, to develop on-site menu management and culinary production;
  • The platform wandofor the digital management of requests for Facilities Management services and the monitoring of their execution.
  • The solution PowerChefwhich, thanks to artificial intelligence, will make it possible to anticipate demand, adjust Sodexo services according to on-site traffic and therefore reduce waste.

By creating innovative solutions thanks to a technology designed to serve everyone, from consumers to businesses, this last use case illustrates the shared ambitions of Sodexo and Microsoft to create sustainable value that necessarily involves reducing the ‘carbon footprint.

“We have had the privilege of serving Microsoft employees on a daily basis, for many years, by offering them catering and Facility Management services, in France and around the world. Conversely, we chose Microsoft as a partner because it is a player able to meet three essential challenges for Sodexo: technological power, the multi-local model and large-scale innovation.”

Sylvia Métayer, Director of Growth Strategy, Sodexo Group

With Cegid: the cloud, innovation accelerator

With a turnover of 632 million euros in 2021, Cegid has become in 4 years one of the essential leaders in cloud management solutions in France and abroad. For more than 15 years, the collaboration between Cegid and Microsoft has enabled the development of new technological solutions intended to be useful and innovative at the service of the 5 markets in which the publisher is an expert – Finance, Human Resources, Retail, Accounting Expertise and Small Businesses. Among the recent innovations hailed by the market:

  • Cegid Loop, a solution that profoundly transforms not only the internal processes of accounting firms but also relationships with their clients, thanks to artificial intelligence and collaborative tools.
  • Cegid Retail Live Store, a unique solution for point-of-sale salespeople that offers an ever more personalized customer experience.

A pioneer of the cloud, Cegid has accelerated the migration of its customers from on-premise to the cloud and resolutely offers all new customers this proven technological solution to serve their business.

“Today more than two thirds of our turnover is based on cloud solutions. An essential pillar of our strategic plan, the cloud is at the center of our product developments, of our rapid and solid international growth, serving the ambitions of our 350,000 customers around the world.”

Laurent Blanchard, Chief Operating Officer at Cegid

With Maïsadour: technological innovation at the service of agricultural production

An agricultural cooperative based in Mont-de-Marsan, Maïsadour has profoundly transformed its agricultural production processes thanks to its use of data and IoT. From the visualization of crops by satellite to the optimization of water management on farms, Maïsadour now offers its 8,000 members ever more personalized advice for the management of their crops and livestock. Since 2020, the company has also widely deployed Teams and Office 365 in order to facilitate, in complete security, the remote work of its 5,000 employees. Successful adoption and traffic on Teams that has been growing ever since.

“Contrary to appearances, an agricultural cooperative is a sector where there is a lot of innovation, particularly through the Internet of Things. The data collected by the Internet of Things allows us, thanks to Microsoft tools, to make it available to our technical sales representatives who can then advise our farmers on the best way to cultivate their soil, their crops, their livestock »

Olivier Cail, Director of Information Systems and Transformation at Maïsadour

With Simplon: enable more women to access digital professions thanks to the SAS Hackeuses program

To encourage more women to join the digital professions, Microsoft is strengthening its support for the SAS Hackeuses program operated by the social and solidarity training organization Simplon. This 6 to 7 week program is positioned upstream of professional training courses to allow women to discover the career opportunities offered by digital technology. Launched this year in 4 cities (Issy-les-Moulineaux, Toulouse, Lyon and Bordeaux), SAS Hackeuses will support participants in defining their professional project by introducing them to a first programming language and offering them mentoring with digital professionals. Microsoft and Simplon, partners since 2018 on the IA School, then in 2020 on the Cloud School to train job seekers in new digital professions, are strengthening their commitment to greater diversity in this sector.

Microsoft’s support for the SAS Hackeuses de Simplon reinforces our pre-existing ties and our joint action for an equal digital sector. Together, we give women the opportunity to discover digital careers and begin a professional retraining in line with the recruitment challenges of this sector. »

Louise Joly, Director of Microsoft x Simplon Programs

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