Microsoft plans big changes to Windows 11 search

Microsoft does not stop working on Windows. Since announcing a huge reinvestment in it (the first fruit of which was Windows 11), the Redmonds have been thinking and executing plans to constantly improve their operating system. The search function seems to be the next big focus of this renovation.

Was the Twitter user @PhantomOfEarth the one who discovered and explained all these changes (some of them hidden) in Windows 11 Build 25252. We’ll use his tweets and images to craft this article. Let’s go!

The Windows 10-style search bar is back

With the arrival of Windows 11, the famous search bar introduced by Windows 10 disappeared. In its place, we have a magnifying glass icon that served as a shortcut to the Windows 11 search interface.

However, recently Microsoft attempted to replace this icon with a small “fake” search bar, since it is only a shortcut (just like the magnifying glass icon).

Now, as we see in the attached screenshot, we will have the possibility of having a search bar in the purest Windows 10 style. Those of you who missed it are in luck.

A new native search instead of the web?

As you can see in the video attached to the tweet, we have a new search interface that we can only access from the Start menu (activating certain identifiers because it is still hidden).

The smooth animations and the fact that this new search can only be accessed from the Start menu are hints that, unlike current web search, this new implementation would be entirely native. We think so because everything indicates that it takes advantage of the Windows 10X code, an operating system that lacks a search bar. This may be the reason why this new interface only appears (for now) from the Start menu.

We think all of these changes will come sooner rather than later in Windows 11 and are a prelude to what we’ll see with Windows 12. Early leaked designs of the upcoming Windows showed us a search bar at the top center that took up the front of the scene. Will Microsoft want to start rebuilding search now for what we may see in 2024?

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