Microsoft offers fix for performance issues in games

Microsoft previously warned of potential game performance issues with its latest 2022 update (22H2), but a fix is ​​now available in preview.

Microsoft currently offers users Windows 11 a version preview of one update that fixes some in-game performance issues. The Redmond giant has previously warned of “below-than-expected performance” concerns with some titles. Gamers on Windows 11 had noticed dropout issues. frame rate and stuttering after installing the latest 2022 (22H2) update.

Windows 11: a fix for PC gamers

In November, Microsoft warned: “Some games and apps may experience lower-than-expected performance or stuttering on Windows 11, version 22H2. […] Affected games and applications inadvertently enable GPU performance debugging features not intended for user use. »

The Redmond giant did not list the games affected by these issues, but blocked the download of this Windows 11 update to devices with the affected games and advised users not to upgrade. However, this warning was recently removed and Microsoft is now offering a fix in the preview. If your system is running Windows 11 2022 (22H2) Update, you can go to Windows update and install patch KB5020044.

Microsoft also revealed that certain virtualization and security features in Windows 11 can affect performance game. The company has released instructions for players to disable some of these problematic features. Nevertheless, Microsoft specifies that it is important to “re-enable them after you finish playing” in order not to leave your device “vulnerable to threats”.

For its part, Nvidia had also experienced some driver problems (drivers) with the latest Windows 11 update with the notch and frame rate drop (frame rate), but these error has been corrected.

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