Microsoft may soon launch an Insider program for the Surface Duo

Microsoft’s Insider programs work wonders, giving users early access to all sorts of new features before they hit production devices.

The Windows Insider program is living proof that this idea is not only a great way to involve users in the development of the products they use, but also an easy way to squash bugs and ensure that the final experience is so stable as possible.

It seems so now Microsoft is preparing to launch a new Insider program.

New elements discovered at the beginning of the week indicate thata Surface Insider program could be planned, with the initial focus on the Surface Duo. The Surface Duo is Microsoft’s big bet on the Android device market, with the device already in its second generation.

It turns out that Microsoft plans to use a Windows-like approach, so members of the Surface Insider program will have access to multiple channels to try out new features in advance. At this time, there is no official announcement from Microsoft, but the Insider program will help the company prepare for major updates to the Surface Duo, such as the latest Android 12 L update.

A third Surface Duo is planned for 2023

The new OS update includes several highly requested features, including improvements that bring the Android experience on par with Windows 11.

Building a strong connection with Windows begins with visual design alignment of core system components across Windows and Android. With unified iconography, colors and interface controls, Surface Duo feels familiar and an integral part of the wider Windows ecosystem. Visual tweaking culminates in Surface Duo’s “Quick Settings” and “System Settings,” paving the way for further functional tweaking and raising expectations for improved device interoperability” explains Microsoft.

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