Microsoft loses between 100 and 200 dollars on each Xbox Series X|S sold | Xbox One

The Xbox Series X | S will celebrate its two years in a few days and it is clear that the results of these first years are generally positive for Microsoft. The launch of a new console is never a long calm river for a manufacturer and despite the overall success of Xbox on this 9th generation of machines, the brand still has to make significant financial concessions.

The Redmond company is selling all its Xbox Series X | S at a loss

The practice is not new in the video game environment, which is a highly competitive and constantly evolving sector in which brands must maintain high standards and innovation at reasonable prices for the public. Xbox was already selling its 360 at a loss more than 10 years ago and Phil Spencer has just given the figures for the Xbox Series X|S during an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

“Consoles have evolved into a very different business model than phones. Consoles are actually sold at a loss in the marketplace, so when someone goes and buys an Xbox from their local retailer, we subsidize that purchase somewhere between $100 and $200, with the expectation that we recoup that investment over time through prop sales and showcase. »

Nothing new under the sun therefore, but the last sentence all the same resonates particularly with regard to recent information concerning a potential increase in the price of the Xbox Series X|S or even the subscriptions offered by Microsoft, in particular those of the Xbox Game Pass. Phil Spencer said any increase would not be implemented until the end of the holidays.

We are still not going to complain about Microsoft, which has managed to make up for these losses through current subscriptions, sales from the Xbox Store or even sales of controllers, with new variants coming out regularly or the latest Elite Series 2.

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