Microsoft looking for its own Genshin Impact for Game Pass

Deprived of one of the biggest video game successes of recent years, Xbox hopes to find its own major MMO.

Microsoft would be on the way to finding its future success on the side of Chinese territory. The objective will be to settle on this side of the globe to hope emulate the success that has been Genshin Impact for Sony. The information comes straight from Reuters, which quotes internal industry sources saying that Xbox is in the process of seeking partnerships with Chinese studios. The teams target all horizons by approaching both large and small studios, independent or not, in order to create new alliances and strengthen the Game Pass offer.

The success story of Genshin Impact would be the main motivation behind this decision by the Redmond firm. An insider also adds that Microsoft even failed to obtain a partnership with miHoYo ahead of the release of their already cult game.

Microsoft talked with miHoYo early in the development of Genshin Impact but failed to reach common ground.

A real gold mine

Still according to the sources of Reutersthe Microsoft teams regret having missed this opportunity which “makes Sony a lot of money”explains another insider. Since PlayStation sales data is not publicly available, it is still possible to compare it with the mobile profits shared by Sensor Tower. Two years after its release, Genshin Impact has managed to earn no less than 3.7 billion dollars with its version for smartphones.

Some Chinese developers have explained that they have received very attractive offers from Microsoft. These “big budget offers” and the motivation of the teams to offer multiplayer and cross-platform games on the Game Pass have even already convinced studios. While waiting to discover the expansion of Xbox and its projects on Chinese territory, the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard is still in full swing while British experts seem to be worried about the risk of unfair competition.

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