Microsoft launches Viva Sales tool

Microsoft released a CRM automation tool called Viva Sales. It aims to help salespeople in the day-to-day management of their activities. To perform, this innovative tool works on the basis of a subtle combination of artificial intelligence (AI), automation of data entry and rapid information processing. Viva Sales intends to revolutionize the world of sales by simplifying the work of salespeople.

Viva Sales, a high-tech tool at the service of sales

In practice, Viva Sales makes it possible to carry out various sales-related operations, with a performance that is difficult to compare. The tool performs typical tasks such as taking notes, entering data into the CRM, and tracking specific operations. Viva Sales thus offers valuable assistance to salespeople in the processing of each commercial file. This is done through the exploitation of data in e-mails and the databases made available.

Technologically, the Viva Sales tool relies on Microsoft’s NLP when it comes to leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). It also uses maching learning and voice recognition. These technical specificities allow Viva Sales to be compatible with most CRMs used by salespeople. Thus, the filling and cleaning of CRM data will take place in the best conditions.

By deploying Viva Sales, Microsoft’s goal is to improve the experience of sales reps doing their jobs. The idea is to offer them a reliable automation tool to perform tedious tasks with low added value.

An application dedicated to the seller experience

Viva Sales is designed to improve the flow of the sales process by acting on several levels. This tool will notably enrich CRM systems by integrating data on the engagement of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 customers. artificial intelligence will be used to provide recommendations and relevant information to salespeople to help them develop quality relationships with customers. The goal is to create fluid and personalized interactions with them. Under these conditions, salespeople will be able to close sales more easily.

Many things become simpler with the deployment of Viva Sales. Sellers will indeed have complete and actionable information to work more efficiently. In addition, they will have the opportunity to free themselves from manual data entry while receiving reminders on what to do during the pivotal moments of their work. Recommendations are also provided to them through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Concretely, Viva Sales intends to revolutionize the seller’s experience for a more inspiring future.

Flexibility, power and great compatibility

In addition to its power, Viva Sales will offer salespeople all the advantages of a tool with great compatibility. As briefly mentioned, it works with the vast majority of CRMs used by sales specialists. Viva Sales is also compatible with Teams and Outlook. Integrating Viva Sales with these solutions is seamless. In this context, Viva Sales intends to shake up the CRM market by initially targeting Salesforce users.

A partnership has also been concluded between Seismic and Microsoft to strengthen the competitiveness of Viva Sales. The world leader in Sales Enablement, Seismic, intends to make the most of this coming revolution.

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