Microsoft launches Teams PWA on Linux

Microsoft hasn’t given up on the push for Progressive Web App (PWA), and the company’s most recent project on this front is aimed specifically at Linux.

Indeed, the software giant has released a new product for Linux users. Microsoft Teams is now available on Linux as a PWAand that’s obviously big news considering there’s a huge difference between the Linux and Windows versions of Microsoft Teams desktop clients.

The PWA should therefore provide users with more advanced functionality, with Microsoft suggesting that the app is meant to serve as a temporary solution until a more advanced desktop client comes live for Linux.

Linux customers who rely on Microsoft Teams for their collaboration and communication needs have told us that they want their users to be able to benefit from all the rich functionality of Teams in a secure way. It is now possible thanks to the PWA Teams. Additionally, the PWA allows us to ship the latest Microsoft Teams features to our Linux customers faster and helps us bridge the gap between the Teams desktop client on Linux and Windows. The PWA experience is available for Edge and Chrome browsers running on Linux“, announced the software giant this week.

Of course, all essential features are still thereincluding reactions, custom backgrounds, system notifications, and more.

It looks like a full desktop client

In other words, it almost looks like a full desktop client (although this is obviously not the reality, and Microsoft should no doubt continue work on this front).

The PWA provides access to more features, including custom backgrounds, gallery view, reactions, “raise your hand” feature in meetings, and large views in gallery and Ensemble mode. The PWA also offers desktop app features, such as system notifications for chat and channels, a dock icon with respective controls, auto-start apps, and easy access to system app permissions“explains Microsoft.

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