Microsoft launches Microsoft designer, a graphic design application that integrates DALL-E 2

At the Microsoft Ignite 2022 event, Panos Panay, Product Manager, presented the new Surface laptops and tablets, new software and Microsoft Designer, a graphic design application available with Microsoft 365, powered by the ‘AI in particular DALL∙E 2 from OpenAI.

The Dall-E 2 AI model can generate original images and illustrations from a textual description and combine concepts, attributes and styles. Microsoft Designer users will therefore be able to create posters, greeting cards, digital postcards, graphics, publications for social networks or even illustrations for PowerPoint presentations from a simple description.

More than 100 million images and videos are available to create the visuals. Microsoft Designer includes a graphic editor which then allows you to modify them, apply effects and add text. The result obtained can be shared on social networks or downloaded.

Microsoft Designer was born from PowerPoint Designer which uses AI to suggest templates to create a presentation and has already enabled the design of more than eight billion slides. The new application is therefore also integrated with PowerPoint and depending on the type of content, will offer several options.

The free application is now available, but you must first register on the waiting list on the dedicated website. Microsoft plans to add other features to improve it, then it will be available both as a free application and with premium features for Microsoft 365 subscribers. Afterwards, it will be integrated into the Microsoft Edge browser. .

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