Microsoft launches a free Windows supported by ads, know everything

A new business model from Microsoft for the Windows experience: low-cost, ad-supported PCs and a subscription version.

Microsoft Windows: a new version funded by advertising

The Redmond group formed a team Windows Incubation which he seeks to expand. This is particularly what Microsoft has published in one of its recent job offers. From then on, it will be responsible for exploring a new direction for the Windows operating system in a world rather focused on the cloud. Here is what was written: Our work will drive the next wave of cloud computing innovation for Windows, from defining a new hybrid application model capable of moving from on-premises to cloud computing, integratingsdirect integration with Windows 365 “. That said, these are the low cost pc which will be ad-supported through a subscription model.

A direct integration with Windows 365 »

Last year, Microsoft introduced Windows 365 as a cloud service and a solution of type Desktop as a Service. This Microsoft Cloud PC is intended in particular for Windows 10 or Windows 11. And this, thanks to the virtualization solution Azure Virtual Desktop.

Therefore, it is a monthly subscription of a thirty to sixty euros per user. In fact, the price depends primarily on the configuration. This concerns the 2 virtual processors, the 4, 8 or 16 GB of RA and 128 GB of storage. Second, it also varies in Microsoft Visual Studio, Power BI, and Dynamics 365 support.

Nevertheless, Microsoft plans to decline later this kind of Windows proposal for individuals for example. According to the company, advertising funding will offset the low cost of devices with thin clients. Or, alternatively, Microsoft will commit its customers to a monthly subscription.

So Microsoft can also increase its revenue

So far, nothing confirms that there will really be cheaper PCs that will allow Microsoft users to enjoy Windows 11 as is. This therefore confirms that Microsoft’s job offer remains until day evasive. Nevertheless, the company is continuing its prospecting work.

Indeed, Microsoft has already experimented placement of advertisements in Windows and for some applications. Unfortunately, the reception was not favorable to listening to user feedback. Despite the situation, however, the company can continue to increase its income. In fact, if after the boss Satya Nadella, even though PC delivery has dropped, Microsoft is still showing an increase in Windows usage. This is particularly what has been proven in its latest quarterly results. Indeed, according to Nadella, Ithere is today close to 20% more active Windows devices per month than before the pandemic of Covid-19. That said, Windows 10 and Windows 11 users pass 8.5% more time on their PCs than two and a half years ago on average, says the DG. “Associating advertising revenue with this extra time could then be tempting for Microsoft,” he notes.

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