Microsoft is selling an “ugly sweater” with the image of Clippy, the trombone assistant

Despite its prohibitive price (74 euros), the sweater is already out of stock.

True tradition in the United States – although in decline – the season of “ugly sweaters” is fast approaching. For the end of the year celebrations, it’s up to the one who will wear the most kitsch, cheesy sweater… in a word: ugly.”

And Microsoft has decided to offer its vision of the ugly sweater with a version in the colors of the company. On a blue and green background, we find the famous Clippy, the paper clip assistant that was part of Microsoft Office from 1977 to 2003.

Clippy and her ugly sweater
Clippy and her ugly sweater © Microsoft

And the garment literally ripped off despite a salty price (73.95 euros): it is simply out of stock for all sizes. Microsoft nevertheless specifies that the sales will come to support the College Success Foundation which helps low-income students to access and succeed in university.

A way to make a nice gesture and to remember with nostalgia the existence of the paperclip which was supposed to answer all the questions of Office users.

A return of Clippy?

He could also make a comeback. In any case, that was Microsoft’s promise in a Twitter post last year. If it reached 20,000 likes Clippy would make a comeback.

The post currently has 166,000 likes but no trace of Clippy except for that ugly sweater.

Thomas Le Roy Journalist BFM Business

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