Microsoft is reviewing the release schedule for its OS: Windows 12 expected for 2024

Windows 10 was supposed to be Microsoft’s latest operating system, as the vendor originally planned to update it continuously. However, to everyone’s surprise, Windows 11 has been announced.

With Windows 10, the publisher planned to update its operating system twice a year. However, quality and performance suffered from this high pace. For Windows 11, Microsoft has therefore returned to an annual, major and more successful update. The next, called Sun Valley 2, is also expected this fall.

Windows 12 for 2024

Additionally, Windows Central has learned from internal sources that the release of a new iteration of Windows will now occur every three years. Thus, the future Windows 12, called Next Valley, would be launched in 2024, version 11 dating from 2021.

With a major annual update, Microsoft resumes an output rate equivalent to that of the competition, in particular Apple and Google.

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