Microsoft is preparing its operating system for the wave of foldable displays that will break in 2023

Microsoft wants to adapt its operating system to devices of all shapes. From desktop PCs to foldable smartphones and tablet PCs, the company wants all platforms to benefit from Windows 11.

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Microsoft wants their products to be available on all platforms. The Redmond giant wants customize Windows 11 for computers of any type. The operating system should be able to be used on a desktop PC, on a laptop and even more, on laptops with a folding screen, such as the Asus Zenbook 17 Fold.

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Microsoft announced the end of development of Windows 10X in May 2021. This OS was supposed to meet the requirements for flexible, rollable and/or foldable devices, which at that time were not yet common. According to many experts, 2023 will be the year of foldable smartphones and other oddly shaped devices. The PC world should also experience noticeable changes in the shape and number of screens available users.

Microsoft will optimize Windows 11 for folding devices instead of creating a specific operating system

It’s time for flexibility. The Windows 11 interface must offer new features and adapt to the variety of devices on which it will be installed. After finding the shape, position (portrait or landscape) and number of PC screens, the operating system will adjust its interface accordingly. Even better, foldable computers will enjoy Windows 11 features that will be unique to them and perhaps approach the user experience that we live with tablets.

According to Windows Latest, major Windows 11 updates related to foldable devices should not be deployed until now May or even June 2023, during the Moment 3 update. Meanwhile, the company is expected to roll out the Windows 22:2/2022 Moment 2 update, in which it is expected to implement a new taskbar, specifically designed for tablets. The adaptation to multi-screen and/or folding devices should be completed in autumn 2023, with the rollout of Windows 23H2.

Source: WindowsLatest

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