Microsoft is fixing what it broke

With an update KB5021255 for Windows 11 22H2Microsoft is fixing an issue that affected Job list. This screen issue appeared in late November, thanks to… an update from Microsoft. However, the latter was optional and in preview.

In any case, the issue affecting Task Manager has now been announced as fixed by Microsoft. It manifested itself as unexpected colors in some interface elements until the Task Manager sometimes did simply unreadable.

Prior to the relevant patch, Microsoft had instructed a workaround which was to select dark mode or light mode in the screen color selection for Windows. The bug appeared to only affect users who signed up Custom in color choice.

This adventure is the demonstration that updates in the preview dry the patches for the users with possible unpleasant surprises. It is possible to console oneself by saying that in the end it is a contribution to the common good of the users.

Warnings for OneDrive subscribers

The KB5021255 update brings several fixes and improvements. For example, it corrects a problem with file explorer which could stop working when you close context menus and menu items.

For Microsoft OneDrive subscribers, alerts appear on the system page and the Settings app when stock limit is close to being reached. If necessary, it will be possible to manage the stock, or even to purchase additional stock.

The Ultimate Patch Tuesday 2022

The second Tuesday of the month requires the update to Windows 11 to be part of the monthly security patches. Overall, the last Patch Tuesday of 2022 is full of fixes for almost fifty vulnerabilities.

Affecting Windows 11 22H2, a CVE-2022-44710 escalation of privilege vulnerability in the DirectX graphics has been disclosed. For various versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11, a CVE-2022-44698 vulnerability was exploited in the wild before the patch was released.

This 0-day vulnerability is said to bypass the SmartScreen protection integrated into Windows. It checks the reputation of files downloaded from the Internet. SmartScreen relies on Mark of the Web (MOTW) markup to mark a file.

An attacker can create a malicious file that bypasses MOTW defenses and results in limited loss of integrity and availability of security features such as Protected Mode in Microsoft Office “, says Microsoft.


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