Microsoft is considering cheap, ad-supported PCs

The Redmond giant’s latest idea to continue generating revenue in a world where demand for computers is declining: to sell low-powered but cheap PCs, connected to the cloud and financed by online advertising and/or through of subscriptions.

Our colleague from the Register indicates that he spotted this track from Microsoft by reviewing online job offers on the site Microsoft Careers at the end of September: an invitation to be part of the “New Windows Incubation Team” whose mission is to “draw a new direction for Windows in the cloud”.

The Redmond giant is therefore particularly looking for a software director to “moving Windows to a place that would combine the benefits of the cloud and Microsoft 365 to deliver more on-demand compute resources and create a hybrid application model that spans from on-premises to cloud”.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella personally hinted at the potential after the company released its fiscal 2023 first quarter results on October 25.

So, who will be ready to be bombarded with ads to have a cheap PC?

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