Microsoft Inspire: 5 announcements to remember

Engaging communities in a trusted cloud is the ambition displayed by Microsoft at its Inspire 2022 event.

The Redmond company unveiled a series of innovations around Teams and Microsoft 365 during its Microsoft Inspire partner event on July 19 and 20, 2022.

The online event comes as Microsoft’s partner programs are overhauled to align with the multinational’s cloud ambitions.

Here are some of the announcements highlighted by the American firm:

1. Contact center >

Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform brings together several Microsoft products, including Nuance (specialist in voice recognition whose acquisition was announced last year), Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Microsoft Teams.

2. Cloud and “sovereignty” >

The path is taken by other American hyperscalers, including Google and Oracle. With the Cloud for Sovereignty offer, Microsoft claims to meet the expectations of organizations, in particular administrations and other public sector players, who want to have greater control over their data, their location and their governance.

In France, we note that Microsoft is a partner of Bleu, the “trusted cloud” project of Capgemini and Orange, whose first services will, according to them, be operational in 2024.

3. Windows 365 >

The Windows 365 virtual machine offer was launched last year. The product has evolved since, with new features, including Autopatch (which automates Windows updates), restoring cloud PCs to a previous state and even support for Citrix HDX Plus.

4. Viva Engage >

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience and engagement platform. The new Viva Engage module facilitates, according to the publisher, the creation of communities, as well as sharing between colleagues via the Storyline and Stories functions. In short, Viva Engage brings “consumer-inspired social networking into the workplace” leveraging Yammer.

5. Excel Live in Teams >

The Redmond publisher adds new features in Teams and Microsoft 365, including Excel Live. The feature allows spreadsheet app users to “collaborate on workbooks in real time in Teams meetings.”

What to reassure the ecosystem?

Microsoft says it works with more than 400,000 partners who employ more than 22 million people worldwide. Now, a capability score determines who can be a Microsoft Partner Network “solution partner”.

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