Microsoft has updated the Wasteland brand, the famous RPG from inXile | XboxOne

Over the past few days, the inXile studio celebrated its 20-year history with a documentary and Matt Booty talked about the next inXile project that blew the minds of the Xbox studio teams. A lot of news in a short time for the Californian studio which does not regularly make the news. This continues since Microsoft recently updated a mythical IP of inXile.

Microsoft renews the Wasteland brand

This is indeed what was discovered two days ago since Microsoft updated the Wasteland trademark with the United States Patent Office. The information given on the site is succinct, but this simple discovery was enough to revive the rumors of a new project from the Wasteland license.

Wasteland, launched in 1988, is one of the first licenses of inXile Entertainment, formerly Interplay Entertainment. The hardcore RPG set in a post-apocalyptic universe has been a resounding success and the latest installment released in 2020, Wasteland 3, has gathered more than two million players.

If inXile and Microsoft were preparing a new project from the post-apocalyptic license, it is sure that it would not be for now given the recent release of Wasteland 3. Nevertheless, Microsoft has potentially updated the Wasteland brand to maintain the brand alive and thus protect the products currently on the market. With a storied 40-year history and an audience still appreciating the license, this choice would be obvious to Microsoft.

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