Microsoft has offered a deal to Sony concerning Call of Duty, in order to facilitate the takeover of Activision-Blizzard

Titanic operation if any, the takeover of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft continues to spill ink, and this everywhere. If some countries like Saudi Arabia where the Brazil have approved this deal of the decade, other entities such as those of the European Unionof the UNITED STATES or some UK are still struggling to give their approval.

However, the specific reason for these deadlines is not entirely clear; is it to protect consumers… or the interests of Sony? The Japanese giant did not hide his bitterness faced with this operation, seeking at all costs to derail it. Interestingly, in 2021, 9% of Microsoft’s revenue came from its Xbox division, while PlayStation brought in some. 26% to Sony. Video games therefore occupy a much larger share of Sony’s profits, so we understand its desire to maintain them. no matter the cost.

And yet, Microsoft has extended the olive branch to calm things down.

In an interview with the New York Times, Phil Spencer announced that he proposed to Sony a ten-year contract to maintain call of duty on Playstation. The two video game giants had already argued over the series earlier this fall, and with good reason; for years, Sony has often had betas and other exclusives on call of duty, under specific agreements with Activision. The Japanese company had focused its communication on these specific advantages, advantages that could more than disappear very soon. At present, Microsoft can integrate the shooter into its Game Pass, for contractual reasons, but we imagine that this could soon change.

Will regulators find this contract enough to approve the Deal of the Decade? No one really knows, but the next few months will be interesting anyway. If it is necessary to recall it, it is enough ironic to see Sony complaining about future Microsoft exclusives, while the Japanese group has become a specialist in this anti-consumerist practice. Recently, new reports pointed to the ” blocking rights from Sony, who wanted to avoid seeing studios ally with the competition. But the routeas the young people say, definitely seems to have turned.

Between Activision-Blizzard’s catalog and future Bethesda projects, there’s no doubt that Microsoft has carefully planned the next few years, and will soon flood us with major titles. Will this be enough to nibble Sony’s market share, only time will tell!

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