Microsoft has announced that users will have less storage space on OneDrive Email attachments now count towards storage quota

For many people, cloud storage is almost essential now. There’s no shortage of services to choose from, but Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive are among the most popular. For users of Microsoft’s cloud storage, there’s bad news – not to mention unwanted ads for OneDrive in the Windows 11 Start menu.

The company announced that starting next year it will consolidate cloud storage into Microsoft 365 Apps. In practice, this means that users will effectively have less storage space for their personal files, because attachments to emails will soon eat into OneDrive quotas.

The change will come in February, so those affected have some time to look for another cloud storage solution or to consider upgrading to a more generous OneDrive tier.

The impact of this policy change on users will depend on how they use (or, in fact, if they use it). If you’re the type of person who gets a lot of attachments, or even someone who’s used attachments as a way to boost cloud storage by emailing files to yourself, the impact could be standard.

Microsoft barely shouted about the changes, but revealed more in a support document:

Starting February 1, 2023, cloud storage used across Microsoft 365 apps and services will include attachment data and OneDrive data. All data will continue to be protected by Microsoft’s comprehensive set of security features.

This update will not impact the amount of storage in your mailbox. However, it can reduce the amount of cloud storage you have to use your OneDrive. If you reach your cloud storage quota, your ability to send and receive emails in will be disrupted.”

The company goes on to elaborate on what counts towards your OneDrive storage quota:

  • OneDrive files and photos, for example:
    – Personal files that you store, download, and sync from your computer or mobile device, such as Office documents, mobile camera list, screenshots, and other files and photos that have been saved to your OneDrive, including Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders.
    – All the items in your recycle bin.
  • attachments.
  • Teams message attachments and records.

Source: Microsoft

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