Microsoft Flight Simulator has a total of 10 million pilots

This is a milestone for the flight simulation game. As the franchise celebrated its 40th anniversary on November 11, Microsoft just announced that Microsoft Flight Simulator managed to convince more than 10 million players.

It must be said that the title has given itself the means for this great success. Available on PC, Xbox and Xbox Cloud Gaming, the simulation game has a total of 27 content updates in 27 months of existence. And we can say that Asobo Studio has not spared the diversity of destinations and especially the great beauty of the landscapes that pilots can fly over. Not to mention the huge fleet of aircraft available from small propeller planes to large airliners to which are added helicopters and gliders.

And for this 10 million milestone, Microsoft Flight Simulator would like to share some numbers about its community. Thus we learn that nearly 500 million flights have already been made and that nearly 64 billion kilometers have been traveled in games, or about 10 million around the world. It’s hours flight. Of course, the title doesn’t intend to stop there. Further updates and projects are already planned for 2023.

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