Microsoft Exchange accounts don’t mix well with macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura does not get along well with Microsoft Exchange accounts. Since the official release of the OS last week, many users have reported bugs between their calendar or their Exchange reminders list and Apple’s native apps. MacRumors reports that several users are complaining on Twitter, while topics have been opened on the Apple Support forums.

The bugs are annoying: some Exchange calendars no longer sync properly with Apple’s Calendar or Reminders app. And even if they coordinate, errors of dates and times of events have been reported, as have invitations to events that do not succeed.

The problem only seems to affect Macs running Ventura. In a post, a user explains that everything works normally on his Mac with Monterey but that the latest version of macOS is in the cabbage.

Third-party apps (Fantastical, Outlook) are apparently not affected by the problem, this may be a solution until Apple fixes the problem. If you haven’t updated yet and are an Exchange user, it might be best to stick with Monterey until Apple rolls out a patch.


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