Microsoft Edge Dev is updated to version 109.0.1481.0

After a season of almost no Microsoft Edge news on the Dev Channel, we’re back with the weekly news on this release. The Edge team is back to deliver many improvements in version 109.0.1481.0 and we are sharing all these new things with you.

Microsoft Edge Dev is updated to version 109.0.1481.0

Features added in Edge

  • Added the option to open this page in compatibility view in the Add Page prompt for pages in Internet Explorer mode.
  • Added Open in New Tab button to sidebar games.
  • Added support for file uploads in UWP (#1639)
  • Added IDL validation tool.

Performance improvement

  • Fixed AutoFill account selection menu not capturing credentials.
  • Fixed browser crashing with autofill dialog when navigating to the cross button using an arrow key or pressing Tab or Shift+Del while focus is on the cross button.
  • Fixed a browser crash when using on-page search in the PDF viewer.
  • Fixed a sidebar issue causing a browser crash.
  • Mitigated browser crash when closing profile in workspace.
  • Fixed bug related to sidebar.
  • Fixed a browser crash related to HDR video.
  • Removed browser crash when browsing certain websites.
  • Fixed a browser crash issue when clicking the performance button after closing the Kids Mode window.
  • Completed browser crash when entering or exiting full screen.
  • Fixed a bug related to the recommended update.
  • Fixed a browser crash related to the Support Home button.
  • Fixed a crash when interacting with visual search results.
  • iOS
    • Fixed browser crash on startup.
    • Mitigated browser bug related to notifications.
  • android
    • Fixed browser crash when enabling bold text in Android settings.
  • macOS
    • Fixed a browser bug related to account synchronization.
    • Fixed crash when clicking on taskbar thumbnail and moving focus to WebView2 window.
    • Fixed visual hosting crashes with Windows 10 Anniversary Update and earlier.

Behavior improvements

  • Fixed STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error message on some websites.
  • Fixed profile image on the Microsoft Edge icon in the taskbar.
  • Fixed permission extensions from other stores toggle not reflecting the change on the Extensions page.
  • Fixed incorrect colors on images when Image Enhance is disabled.
  • Fixed sort by name double button after summoning it in Collection.
  • Fixed HEVC video playback issue.
  • Fixed an issue with page search not scrolling to the first highlighted matching term.
  • Fixed the issue where the border bar search bar scaled incorrectly when in search-only layout.
  • Fixed an issue with the pinning helper not loading content.
  • Fixed an issue with bookmarks opening in a new tab on a new tab page.
  • When you click a link to join a workspace, the initial new tab no longer stays open.
  • Fixed a problem installing and uninstalling the PWA.
  • iOS
    • Fixed missing icons on main sites.
    • The landline connection was not working properly.
    • Fixed the issue where the “Open External Application” dialog box did not appear.
    • Fixed black screen when launching the app.
    • Fixed display of invalid sync token when sync is disabled by policy.
    • Fixed missing history display when clicking on the address bar.
    • Fixed data loss when upgrading from a previous version of Microsoft Edge.
  • android
  • Fixed the issue that the NTP search box was not responding.
  • Fixed issue with empty comment submission.
  • Fixed a browser bug related to tracking prevention.
  • Fixed an issue with PDF toolbar empty when three of the buttons are hidden. (#2866)
  • Xbox
    • Fixed HEVC MP4 video playback in WebView2.
  • HoloLens
    • Fixed DRM media playback.

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