Microsoft Defender is one of the worst antivirus software

Microsoft Defender is the official Windows antivirus, but it is not the most efficient for Windows 11. A review conducted by an independent organization has shown that Microsoft Defender is even one of the worst antivirus software.

Windows 11 is still very little used around the world compared to Windows 10, but those who use it must of course have effective protection against viruses and malware. Having good antivirus software is essential to protect your computer and your data. There is however dozens of antivirus software that promise to protect you from threats lurking on the Internet. Among them, Microsoft Defender might just be one of the worst antiviruses, at least for Windows 11.

Microsoft Defender on Windows 11 © Microsoft

The most popular antivirus software are Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, Malwarebytes and McAfee to name a few. Microsoft Defender is the official Windows antivirus software. It is free and natively integrated into Windows 10 and 11 to protect the computer from viruses and malware.

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Microsoft Defender is the worst antivirus for Windows 11 in terms of performance

AV-TEST, an independent organization that tests antivirus software for Windows and Android, has evaluated several windows 11 antivirus. “ In July and August 2022, we continuously evaluated 19 consumer security products using their default settings “, she explained.

Antiviruses have been rated on their level of protection, performance and ease of use.not. As for performance, Microsoft Defender is the last in the ranking. When it comes to protection, it’s second to last on the list just ahead of Total AV. Microsoft Defender still catches up on its ease of use for which it is one of the best antiviruses.

This is the first time that AV-TEST has evaluated available antivirus software for Windows 11, but this is not the first time the organization has evaluated Microsoft Defender. Nevertheless, the software has rarely come out with excellent marks. It has still never been so badly rated as with Windows 11. Microsoft Defender will therefore have to improve to compete with other antiviruses and offer more effective protection on Windows 11. In the meantime, we have prepared for you a list of the most successful security suites to protect your computer against all threats.

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