Microsoft cries, Amazon mercilessly smashes its price

The Microsoft tablet records a dizzying price drop as part of Black Friday. Amazon is at the origin of this new irresistible value for money.

The American giant Microsoft has developed a hybrid PC that has no equal on the market. If the Surface Pro 8 takes the form of a tablet, it is indeed a powerful computer under Windows which hides behind.

This solution brings together a tablet and a computer in a single product. For professional or personal use, it offers a very successful and more complete user experience than an iPad Pro. Without discount, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a high-end product whose price may be the only small barrier to purchase. For Black Friday, Amazon does not need to be asked and lowers the price by almost 40%.

In this case, a pack that includes the Surface Pro 8 tablet with a (very useful) keyboard plummets to 849 euros instead of 1329 euros. It is therefore almost 500 euros that you can save on this excellent product released about a year ago. For us, this will be one of the flagship deals of this Black Friday 2022.

Discover the offer on the Surface

Amazon formalized this offer on Friday for the first day of Black Friday. Unfortunately, it fell completely out of stock on Sunday morning. It will then have been necessary to wait until late at night to see a new stock of Microsoft Surface Pro 8 released. This illustrates a reality for this Black Friday: stocks are not infinite and they can disappear at any time.

In order not to dangle offers that will never arrive, Amazon has decided to play cards on the table. It is committed to giving you the best price for a given product over the entire period from November 18 to 28. If you finally opt for this Surface Pro 8 with keyboard today at 849 euros and it drops to 839 euros afterwards, the merchant will then reimburse you 10 euros out of his pocket. This is its new best price guarantee policy. This will save him the peak at the weekend since people have every interest in taking the plunge as soon as possible.

The Surface Pro 8, genius idea

On the market, there are generally two distinct products: on the one hand, tablets and on the other laptops. The connection between the two does not really exist and it is for this reason that people tend to have one of each. This is the case of the iPad Pro which are always more limited than a laptop. To solve this problem, Microsoft invented the Surface Pro 8. It’s the perfect combination of the two, without any concessions.

In its presentation, the American firm describes the Surface Pro 8 as “the power of a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet, a larger 13-inch touchscreen, an iconic integrated multi-position stand and a detachable keyboard” . That’s exactly it: this hybrid tablet can be carried anywhere and offers the functionality of a laptop.

By default, you only have the 13-inch touchscreen with an excellent refresh rate of 120 Hz. For Black Friday, the pack on Amazon also includes the Qzerty keyboard which turns the product into a real computer. You can add a Bluetooth pen or mouse to it to get the real laptop experience.

How is this tablet different from others? Why can it be likened to a laptop? First of all, know that this tablet runs on Windows and can therefore do all the tasks of a laptop PC. Microsoft obviously has perfect integration of its Office 365 office suite. By way of comparison, an iPad Pro is still less easy to use for this type of use.

Discover the offer on the Surface

In addition, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 also comes with very good connectivity – not found on any other touch pad: two USB-C and Thunderbolt 4 ports, super-fast Wi-Fi 6, and a dedicated Surface Connect magnetic charging port, 3.5mm jack. This is an additional argument that makes it easy to connect this tablet to external devices (screens, projectors, headphones, etc.). In short, it is therefore a complete and uncompromising laptop.

For the performance part, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 has no real equal on the market for touch pads either. The American manufacturer uses Intel for its processor, as it would for a more traditional computer. The result is attractive on the autonomy part since the tablet can last up to 16 hours in standard use. In fact, if you have more intense use, it should still stay above 10 hours.

Amazon lowers the price of popular products

Choosing a Surface Pro 8 from Microsoft means choosing to optimize your electronic devices. Such a product really allows you to keep only one element between the tablet and the laptop. It is the only product of its type on the market that fully does the trick. The tablet earned 77% maximum ratings on Amazon for its service. We are also convinced of this.

If you decide to buy it today on Amazon, the Surface Pro 8 comes with a longer right of withdrawal than normal. You have until January 31, 2023 to change your mind and return it. It’s thought for those who want to make it a Christmas present but don’t want to take any risks. If the product does not please the recipient, it will then be possible to return it after the holidays and get a full refund.

To discover this flash offer, it’s here:

Discover the offer on the Surface

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