Microsoft Create is here to revamp Office templates

Templates have been a staple feature of the Microsoft Office suite for years, allowing users to easily produce better presentations and documents. From now on, the company consolidated its templates in one place: Microsoft Create.

Microsoft Create is now available in early preview. It is “the ultimate launchpad to create anything you need“, who works as a central site for templates from other Microsoft apps and services.

For example, if you search for “travel”, you will see a newsletter template for Word, an advertisement template for Clipchamp, a photo timeline template for PowerPoint, and other files. When you find something you like, just click a button to open the model in the application in question.

Microsoft said in a blog post: “With thousands of professionally designed templates and the power of Microsoft’s collection of content creation apps (including PowerPoint, Word and Clipchamp for video editing), anyone can create something inspiring. And it is absolutely not necessary to have design experience“.

The service will also integrate with Microsoft Designer for template customization, once Designer becomes more widely available.

The new site is essentially just a repository of fancy templates, but it’s another sign that Microsoft is trying to integrate all of its apps and services more tightly. It’s also another push into content design and creation, including templates for the Clipchamp video editor — Office isn’t just for budget spreadsheets and simple notes.

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