Microsoft at the center of two operations in a few days

Published 12 Dec 2022 at 12:27 p.m

It is not one, but two capital operations, the center of which is the American Microsoft Corporation. With perspectives or results that are different to say the least. This Monday morning we learned that the software giant has signed a ten-year strategic partnership with the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in data management and next generation analytics as well as cloud solutions. In return, he takes an ownership stake of around 4% in the capital of LSE.

An operation that the analysts view positively. It will increase significantly LSE’s credibility in data management “, Point Morgan Stanley analyst Bruce Hamilton, who is “overweight” on the title of the stock market platform. ” In turn, this can result in a significant increase in revenue growth over time. although short-term costs may weigh on margins. For Citi, which is also a buyer of value, “ pessimists will focus more on the incremental costs of the partnership than the potential for synergies, but those costs appear low and the deal adds a strategic partner and credible shareholder that could make LSE’s Cloud offering more competitive against its rivals “, according to analyst Andrew Coombs. Microsoft, on the other hand, is integrating a new recognized client into its customer portfolio, which is also in Europe, a battleground

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