Microsoft announces a significant increase in performance for Teams

Microsoft has announced yet another massive performance upgrade to Teams, this time following an upgrade to the framework which was introduced this month.

The company indicates that Teams performance improvement should be noticeable on both Windows and Macobviously on the desktop, because new framework allows faster rendering of HTML tree and JavaScript loading.

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of our key usage scenarios, from workloads to our internal audience, as well as A/B experimentation. The upgraded framework showed improvements in all areas. The upgraded framework showed improvements in all areas, especially for the P95 metric, which means that 95% of the time the experience is better than the metric. Tracking performance metrics shows whether improvements apply to most users, including those with entry-level devices and poor network conditions“explains Microsoft.

The company explains that most people spend their time in Teams switching between chats, channels and activity feeds, which has become a priority for the software giant.

In other words, switching between these common parts of Teams should now be faster, not only following the recent upgrade to theframeworkbut also thanks to all the improvements that the service has received in the last two years.

Performance improvement

The most common action for a user in Teams is to switch between different chats, channels, and activity streams. Over the past two years, switching between threads is now 32% faster, and switching between channels is 39% faster. This results in a smoother experience that keeps you in the flow“explains Microsoft.

And that’s not all. The Redmond-based software company explains thatit also improved the performance of other Teams featuresincluding hand-raising latency during a meeting.

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