Microsoft admits three Bethesda games will be exclusive…

Game news Microsoft admits three Bethesda games will be exclusive…

Microsoft announces three Bethesda games that should be exclusive to their machines.

Microsoft has published a document in response to the FTC’s complaint. In this, the company announces three Bethesda-edited games that will be exclusive to Xbox and PC.

Are the next Bethesda titles coming to PlayStation and Nintendo?

When Microsoft bought Zenimax and with it its subsidiary Bethesdait was understood (and subsequently confirmed by Phil Spencer) that Decisions about Bethesda games and whether or not they will be Microsoft exclusives will be made on a case-by-case basis. That is, not all future Bethesda games should be out of the question. But Microsoft may have just dampened the hopes of PlayStation and Nint gamersendo for upcoming titles

Three games will be exclusive to PC and Xbox

December 22, Microsoft released a document, open to the public, on 37 pages and intended for the FTC, to answer their complaint related to the acquisition of Activision – Blizzard. The document which must serve to defend the company’s argumentscontains one page 6 partially censored. Microsoft has actually decided that edit the names of several games what they talk about. So we can read:

The complaint’s reference to Microsoft’s recent acquisition of ZeniMax — a collection of game studios acquired in 2020 — is unrelated to the current transaction. Following the completion of this transaction, the first two new games from ZeniMax became PlayStation exclusive for a year after launch. Xbox plans that three future titles – (CENSORED GAME TITLES) – all of which are designed to be played primarily solo or in small groups – will be exclusive to Xbox and PC. However, in keeping with its historical approach, Xbox has continued to release new updates to existing ZeniMax games such as Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox and PlayStation, as these games are designed to be played together by large communities of players. platforms. This latest set of games is the most similar to Call of Duty. Thus, the ZeniMax experience goes against the idea that Xbox would make this game exclusive. And it’s not just ZeniMax games where Xbox has taken this approach; Xbox has also expanded access to Minecraft, a similar multiplayer game with a large existing community of players playing together from different platforms, since it was purchased. If there was any doubt left, Xbox’s offer to bring Call of Duty to other platforms on commercially favorable terms for those platforms should clear it up.

Microsoft admits three Bethesda games will be exclusive…

What games is Microsoft talking about?

You would have understood it, Microsoft announces three Bethesda games exclusive to PC and Xbox machines. But what games are we talking about? We can already do that eliminating Starfield from options : The exclusivity of the game on Microsoft machines is public information, Microsoft would not have no need to censor his name with the FTC. Ditto for the title Redfalldeveloped by Arkane, its exclusivity is known. We know it will solo play or in small groups, so no MMO or games that are primarily meant for multiplayer. The three games that seem most likely to us, among those that we know are in development, are therefore: Indiana Jonesa game that is still quite mysterious and developed by Machine Games; The Elder Scrolls VI, whose exclusivity remains unresolved; and potentially Fallout 5, which has already been mentioned by Bethesda execs, for release after TES VI. so is he possible that Microsoft is talking here about titles that are still unknown to the public. In any case, we know that three of the next games released by Bethesda, intended for solo or small groups of players, will only be playable on Xbox and PC.

Microsoft admits three Bethesda games will be exclusive…


Starfield and Redfall, Bethesda’s next projects, are due out sometime next year.

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