Microsoft acknowledges a drop in performance in some games

We knew there was a problem, without Microsoft fully acknowledging it. This is now the case: the publisher has completed its list of known concerns to include the case of games, at least some games.

Microsoft does not give more details, including the titles concerned. The company simply specifies that the update is no longer deployed when the mechanism recognizes a configuration that may present the problem.

We do not know at this time what is causing the problem. Initially, there seemed to be specific difficulties with NVIDIA’s GPUs. The latter has since published several new versions of its driver, without the machines concerned experiencing any improvement. According to the chameleon, the new GPU debugging tools in Windows 11 were doing their thing.

Microsoft still confirms that it is working on a solution, which will be available in a future update, again without further information. The publisher recommends checking that all games are up to date, while indicating that most automatically receive new versions through their respective stores.


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