Microsoft accidentally reveals a new interface… inspired by macOS?

An image shared by Microsoft at its Ignite 2022 conference shows an as-yet-unknown Windows interface. The Redmond giant could thus have revealed a prototype of the future Windows 12 interface.

During his conference Ignite 2022, Microsoft presented its new range of Surface PCs. But wise eyes also noticed an image presenting a version of the company’s flagship OS still unknown to the battalion. A preview of Windows 12?

Has Microsoft unveiled a first image of Windows 12?

Once is not custom, it is Windows Central which reveals some interesting news around the next version of Windows. After claiming that Windows 12 could be released in 2024, the specialized site looked at this famous image which served to illustrate the Microsoft Teams application during the presentation. The quality not being optimal, a model was created to transcribe what we saw on the image.

A prototype of what Windows 12 could look like – © Zac Bowden

The illustration in question presents an interface that is very different from the one we currently know on Windows. Thus, there is a floating taskbar on the lower part of the screen, system icons in the right corner, a floating search field centered at the top and the weather in the upper left corner of the image.

A layout that caught the eye of Windows Central since a similar interface prototype for Windows 12 had already been presented to them internally. So the image above may not be exactly what the new interface will look like, but represents a note of intent of what Microsoft teams are looking to do with the next release known as ” NextValley”.

An interface optimized for touch controls?

For several years, Microsoft has been trying to optimize the Windows interface so that it can be used with the keyboard and mouse as well as with touch controls. A balance that is not easy to find given the many formats on which we find Windows. We are of course thinking of tablets, computers, but also hybrids such as folding screen PCs.

While it’s unclear how such an image ended up in the middle of a Microsoft conference, chances are it’s not the final version of Windows 12. This illustration at least has the merit of give an overview of the direction that the next version of Microsoft’s OS could take.

After a Windows 8 too oriented towards touch, a Windows 10 which was reconciled with the keyboard and the mouse and a Windows 11 which did not revolutionize the formula, Microsoft must think of the future without attracting the wrath of current users. What do you think of this new interface?

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