Microsoft about to buy a Chinese giant to counter Sony?

The Microsoft/Sony war is taking on an additional dimension and the American giant behind Xbox is interested in the Chinese market. Explanations:

A recent article by the very serious Reuters explains that Microsoft is actively prospecting in China to strengthen its position there. Obviously, the company behind Xbox wants to emulate Sony’s success with the excellent action-RPG Genshin Impact, which is a real hit.

Microsoft to conquer China

In fact, Reuters even talks about a Genshin Impact effect and impact that would have added a sense of urgency to the situation. Studio miHoYo’s action role-playing game has generated billions of dollars since its release two years ago and under these conditions, we suspect that Microsoft sees this with amazed eyes. According to analysts, the West’s growing interest in Chinese games reflects a maturation of the Chinese industry in game development. Daniel Ahmad, analyst, also explains in this regard that Chinese games are now on par with big-budget Western games.

Chinese game developers are trying to standardize their development tools, create advanced production processes, invest in super-scale teams. Ultimately, this gives them a competitive edge to reach large audiences both in terms of geography and platforms..

For these reasons, Microsoft has set up a team to seek out Chinese games, both big AAA titles and indie studios with “big-ticket” deals.

An executive at Recreate Games studio in Shanghai said his company signed a deal with Microsoft last year for its next multiplayer title and an Xbox exclusive. He explains about this:

Xbox has contacted many projects in China and these projects mainly focus on developing console and PC games.

We are therefore not immune to a major Chinese studio takeover in the coming months.

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