Meta and Microsoft team up and announce Office and Teams in virtual reality

Windows, Office, Teams and the Xbox Cloud Gaming game streaming platform will soon be usable with Quest, Meta’s VR headsets.

The first echoes that reach us from the metaverse with Mark Zuckerberg sauce are not encouraging. It is said that even Meta employees do not want to use Horizons World, their own virtual universe. Mark Zuckerberg’s company still managed to convince Microsoft to offer its services in the Metaverse. Windows, Office, Teams and Xbox Cloud Gaming coming soon usable with Quest, Meta VR headsets.

For Mark Zuckerberg, this association is a first step towards creating a workplace in the Metaverse. Microsoft is recognized both in the professional world, with its Office software suite, and in the world of gamers with the XBox and the PC Game Pass. According to Satya Nadella, “Windows 365 will be usable in 3D with a VR headset in which we can stream the entire Windows experience”.

Windows 365 will be usable in Meta’s Horizons Workrooms

Teams will be directly integrated into Horizons Workrooms, the collaboration application designed to manage Meta’s teleworking team environments and we will even be able to use 3D avatars during video conferences. Not all Microsoft programs will be suitable for virtual reality, the idea being to test the waters and offer ports if the demand for virtual reality is strong enough.

Gamers may be pleased to learn that Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is crushing the competition in video game streaming, will also be present in Meta’s Horizons World. PC Game Pass subscribers will be able to play in the virtual universe of Meta. In a configuration will be quite strange, admittedly, since the games will not be projected directly into the VR headsetbut rather on a virtual screen in Horizons World.

If this partnership between Meta and Microsoft is surprising at first glance, it makes sense for both companies. With an ally as influential as Microsoft, the Metaverse according to Meta and Mark Zuckerberg regains some credibility. For the Redmond firm, the goal now is to focus on its applications and offer them on as many platforms as possible. It is also a clear sign that the HoloLens 3 project no longer has any future.

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